3 Reasons To Never Accept A Settlement Before Speaking To A Motorcycle Accident Attorney

If you ride a motorcycle and have been injured in an accident, you may be tempted to accept a settlement offer from an insurance company. While the settlement offer may seem generous to you and you may need the money to pay household bills and for medical expenses, you never want to sign anything or accept any offer without first speaking to an attorney. Consider a few reasons why that is.

1. Motorcycle operators may have special rights and considerations

In many areas there are special rights and considerations given to motorcycle riders and if you've been in an accident because another driver ignored these laws, you may be entitled to more compensation than you realize. A motorcycle rider may have the right of way in certain circumstances and if the other driver didn't yield as they should, this can put them at fault and in turn, you may be entitled to more money than what the insurance company is offering.

2. The settlement offer may not be as generous as you assume

When you look at a settlement offer it may seem very generous to you, but in truth it may actually be somewhat skimpy. A good motorcycle accident attorney will know typical settlements and standard judgments for cases like yours, and they may realize that the insurance company is actually trying to undercut you. They may tell you what is a standard settlement for your type of case and some recent judgments that have been awarded, and in turn you may realize that you should hold out for more money.

3. You may have future medical bills you would need to pay

Once you accept a settlement offer, the insurance company usually doesn't need to pay anything else to you even if you have future medical problems arising from the same accident. It's easy to think that if you're out of the hospital or have already been to the doctor's office then you know all the injuries you've suffered, but there are some injuries that take weeks to reveal themselves.

An attorney will not only negotiate a higher amount for a settlement but he or she can also ensure that any future medical bills as a result of the accident are also covered. This can get you money for the bills and medical costs you have now while still keeping you protected financially when future medical costs arise.

Remember these three reasons why you should always first consult with a motorcycle accident attorney (such as those found through http://www.lvaccident.com) before you accept any type of settlement offer.