Damaged Credit Is A Significant Personal Injury

Can you sue somebody for ruining your credit? Absolutely. If your credit has been damaged through no fault of your own, that is a very real harm to your reputation -- and your wallet. You have the right to pursue the claim in court. This is what you should know about credit scores and personal injury claims. Who can you sue? Who you can sue -- if you can sue -- depends largely on who you can identify as the culprit behind your damaged credit.

Be Aware Of The Risks Of Helping A Person Obtain A Bond

When a person is arrested, they are typically given a bail amount that can be paid to secure their release until their hearings are completed. This is meant to allow them to continue to work while they seek help for the case against them. In many cases, the amount of bail may be more than the person can afford. When this happens, a friend or family member can help them by obtaining a bail bond.

Social Security Disability Payments: A Guide For New Claimants

If you are like only about 30 to 35 percent of Social Security disability claimants, you will be approved the first time you initially file for benefits. However, most people do have to go through a long process, involving several doctor's visits and hearings, before they ever see a good outcome with their case. Therefore, when you finally are approved for your Social Security disability benefits, it will usually be a relieving experience.

Filing For A Patent: A Guide For Newby Inventors

After some careful thought and creativity, you have managed to come up with a fascinating new product or idea that you know will be greatly valued by many different consumers. The only problem is, before you get a patent on your new product or idea, another creative thinker just like you could swoop in and take your idea right out from under you, beating you to the imaginary marketing finish line.

3 Ways To Keep Your Divorce Negotiations On Track

Negotiating a divorce settlement can be challenging. Unfortunately, making several critical mistakes can make the process even more difficult. There are ways that you can keep the negotiation process on track and ensure that you get a settlement with which you can live.  Evaluate Settlement Proposals During the course of the negotiations with your spouse, there could be several settlement proposals offered by him or her. It is imperative that you carefully evaluate each proposal you receive.