Social Security Disability Payments: A Guide For New Claimants

If you are like only about 30 to 35 percent of Social Security disability claimants, you will be approved the first time you initially file for benefits. However, most people do have to go through a long process, involving several doctor's visits and hearings, before they ever see a good outcome with their case. Therefore, when you finally are approved for your Social Security disability benefits, it will usually be a relieving experience. There is no question that you will have questions about how you will be getting the money you have been waiting to receive. Here are a few of the biggest questions about Social Security disability payments and the answers you will want to know.

Once approved, when will you start seeing monthly benefit checks?

Once your claim has been approved, you should expect to start seeing checks almost right away. Most claimants will get their first check within the first few months, but it can take as long as 90 days. If 90 days pass after approval and you do not receive your first benefit check, be sure to check with your attorney for advice.

How long will it take to see a back-pay settlement for your case?

Once you have been approved for your Social Security Disability, you may be entitled to back payment for the amount of time that your case has been ongoing. However, there is usually a waiting period involved of five months before you will become entitled to this money that is owed to you. It is possible for some people who have specific financial needs to receive their back-pay payments earlier, but this is a less-often circumstance.

Will the lawyer take their fees immediately?

In most cases, yes. The agreed upon fees for the attorney's services will be automatically distributed by the Social Security Administration at the same time that you are mailed your settlement check. Keep in mind that any expenses paid by your attorney on your behalf through your claim will also be your responsibility to pay, such as payments for medical professionals or expert opinions.

Once you have went through the process of fighting for your Social Security Disability payments, you will definitely be ready to start seeing some money come in. Be sure to keep in touch with your Social Security Disability lawyer until everything is finalized and your checks are coming in regularly as they should.

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