Housing Discrimination Problems And How To Avoid Them

Housing discrimination problems are still a major issue in this country. Try as you might, you probably will still encounter someone who refuses to rent a home or apartment to you. There are some ways around these issues, however, and here is how you can avoid housing discrimination.

Go Through a Housing Authority Office

Your city's or county's housing authority office searches for several affordable housing options. It secures the landlord's permission to find renters, thereby blinding the landlord to any physical or personal feature that would cause him/her to refuse you shelter. It also blocks you from meeting the landlord until you sign the lease agreement. This "double-blind" method prevents discrimination of any kind from occurring and puts you in a new home quickly.

Conduct a Long-Distance Application for Housing

You could also request a rental application via mail or email, stating that you live too far away to see the apartment in person, but you are interested. This removes any issues with being seen as someone other than a responsible American tenant, and the landlord probably will not argue with a completed application and a check for first/last months' rent and security deposit. This is similar to the "double-blind" housing authority application, but is best used for people who cannot use the services of the housing authority because their income exceeds poverty guidelines for services. 

Have a Clean-Cut, Caucasian Friend View the Apartment for You First

Whether or not you will have a roommate, you can have a clean-cut Caucasian friend view the apartment. He or she can send pictures of the place to you, and then you can drop by to talk to the landlord on your own. If he/she responds differently to your interest in the home or apartment than the way in which he/she responded to your friend, there may be some issues there. Then you should consider renting elsewhere.

Have a Private Investigator Check out Landlords for Recent Housing Discrimination Problems

Finally, you can avoid some housing discrimination problems by hiring a private investigator to check out properties and landlords for housing complaints. Repeated complaints filed with the city or the BBB are sure signs that a potential landlord may give you trouble. If you think you have already experienced housing discrimination in some way, then the P.I. can help you figure out if it is a real discrimination problem worth pursuing in court or just a false perception of behavior and events.

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