3 Things That Will Be Considered When You Apply For Social Security Disability Benefits

Before applying for disability benefits, it's a good idea to have an understanding of what will be considered during the evaluation process. Following are few things the social security administration is likely to consider when reviewing your formal application for disability benefits:

Your Length of Employment

In order to qualify for social security disability benefits, you need to have been employed long enough to pay into the system and earn work credits. You can earn up to 4 work credits each year you work depending on your income and amount of time you work. In order to qualify for social security disability benefits, you will typically need to have earned at least 20 work credits within the last several years. An experienced social security lawyer can help you determine how many work credits you have earned and how much money you can expect to receive if your disability benefits are approved.

Your Health Condition

Not every health problem will automatically qualify you for social security insurance benefits. There is a list of specific ailments that are generally approved by the social security administration, but even those aren't guaranteed approvals. And just because your ailment isn't on the list does not necessarily mean that you will be denied your disability benefits.

Each applicant is screened on a case-by-case basis, but there are a few things, like the disability list, that can clue you into whether or not you're likely to be approved for benefits and what the social security administration is looking for when considering your health condition. Your lawyer will walk you through the process of determining your eligibility and ensuring that the social security administration gets all the information they need to optimize the chance of your approval.

Your Application Submission

Filling out the application correctly and providing the social security administration with enough viable information to properly screen your case is essential if you don't want to face drawn-out delays or a flat-out denial, which might compel you to appeal. The social security administration will take seriously whether your application is properly filled out and submitted, so it's important to take special care when filling all of your paperwork out.

If even a small mistake or misinformation is found, your application may be denied or delayed pending a further benefits investigation. A social security attorney will guide you through the entire application process to ensure that no mistakes are made, that the application is filled out correctly, and that you submit all of the evidence necessary to prove your case.