3 Mistakes To Avoid When Trying To Get Custody Of Your Children

Divorce is made even more difficult when there are children to consider. If you are trying to get shared or full custody, then you need to make sure you are managing your post-divorce life in a manner that the court will deem favorable for child-rearing. The following are some bad habits to avoid if you are fighting for custody. #1: Unsuitable living conditions Although a small studio apartment or bachelor's pad may be fine for weekend visitations from your kids, it isn't generally seen as a suitable location for full-time living with children.

3 Things That Will Be Considered When You Apply For Social Security Disability Benefits

Before applying for disability benefits, it's a good idea to have an understanding of what will be considered during the evaluation process. Following are few things the social security administration is likely to consider when reviewing your formal application for disability benefits: Your Length of Employment In order to qualify for social security disability benefits, you need to have been employed long enough to pay into the system and earn work credits.

Did A Survey Of Your New Property Reveal Boundary Issues?

Buying a new piece of property often requires you to take a survey of your boundaries to ensure you are getting the right land. Unfortunately, these surveys may reveal surprising issues that may require professional civil legal litigation to manage. Here is a little more information on property surveys, and what to do next if you discover discrepancies.  A New Survey May Reveal Property Issues If civil law requires you to make a new survey of your property when buying it, you may run into some surprising problems.

Emergency! Why You Should Beware Of Those Dangerous Emergency Vehicles

When the worst happens, the sight of an ambulance or a fire truck is a welcome one. The people who respond to calls for wrecks, fires, and other emergencies are everyday heroes, and saving lives is just part of the job for these tireless and underpaid workers. Unfortunately, the same vehicles that you can count on to rescue you and transport you can also be a danger on the roadways. Read on to learn more about how much harm might come to others by these large emergency vehicles.

How DUI Laws Vary Across Different States

If you have been arrested for DUI (driving under the influence) in a foreign state, don't make any assumptions as far as DUI laws are concerned because they vary across states. The penalties, suspensions, and fines (among other things) you are used to at home may not apply in your host state. That is why your best bet is to get a local DUI lawyer who understands the laws best and will be able to help you.