3 Things You Should Be Aware Of When Filing For Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

There are sure to be challenging financial times in life, and the key to being able to overcome these may rest in filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. This is a legal status that you must qualify for in order to be eligible to have your debt released. If you're in the situation that demands you learn more about this process, there are some things you should know that may be extremely helpful to you in the long run.

Going to Jail Because of a Payday Loan? Not So Fast

If you have found yourself in some dire financial straits, you may have had no alternative but to take out a payday loan. Not everyone has emergency funds set aside, and sometimes friends and family members are not able to help you with that emergency car repair or the need to get some medical treatment. Unfortunately, these payday loan purveyors charge horrendous interest rates and not paying the balance due on time can quickly cause that rate to escalate into the stratosphere.

Leaving Probate Behind

Most people have heard the term "avoiding probate", but until you begin to deal with issues concerning an estate you may remain confused about exactly what it means. Probate is an age-old legal method of dealing with the debts and assets of those who have passed on, and whether you have a will or not, many loved ones will be left to deal with probate issues after a death. There are several surprisingly simple ways to deal with estate property that does not involve probate, however.

What Wrongful Convictions Look Like

One of the pillars of American society is the criminal justice system. As part of this system, each citizen is to be granted access to a fair trial. In the overwhelming majority of the cases tried in the criminal justice system, this goal is accomplished. However, there are still those that find themselves on the opposite side. The Facts The United States has the world's largest prison population, with around two million people currently incarcerated.

Housing Discrimination Problems And How To Avoid Them

Housing discrimination problems are still a major issue in this country. Try as you might, you probably will still encounter someone who refuses to rent a home or apartment to you. There are some ways around these issues, however, and here is how you can avoid housing discrimination. Go Through a Housing Authority Office Your city's or county's housing authority office searches for several affordable housing options. It secures the landlord's permission to find renters, thereby blinding the landlord to any physical or personal feature that would cause him/her to refuse you shelter.